Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Orleans - Day 1

We're finally here! Seeing our planning in action has already been really fun to experience. We landed in NOLA at about 12:30 yesterday and went to United Saints right away. We got a tour of our apartment and got to know United Saints a little more. Our apartment has two rooms, a bigger one and a smaller one with bunk beds filling a majority of the space in the room (it makes it cozy). We have a kitchen and a bathroom, and two outdoor showers. There are also two stray cats that hang out at these apartments, we got to see one of them yesterday. Hopefully we'll be more aquatinted with them by the end of the week :) We unpacked and went to Walmart to get some food for today. Shopping at Walmart in NOLA was a lot different from shopping at Walmart in St. Paul. There was alcohol available throughout the whole store, which is something that doesn't happen in Minnesota. Shopping let us begin to figure out and experience the culture and people of New Orleans. 

After Walmart, we went to Popeye's for dinner. When we were shopping for food, we were all super hungry so finally getting a chance to eat was exciting. After eating, we went back to the apartment and hung out for a while until we had our first reflection. At reflection we talked about how this is the time that we will unpack our experiences of the day and learn from what we saw, heard and did that day. After reflection, it was still pretty early in the night. The whole group (except for Yvonne) decided we wanted to go out and explore the more touristy areas of New Orleans. We walked down Bourbon Street as a group, which was quite the experience. It was a Saturday night and a lot of people were out and about having fun with their friends and trying to get beads from the people standing on balconies. We made our way to Cafe du Monde and had beignets (YUM). It was really fun going out with the whole group and getting to know each other a little more. 

-Megan + Anthony

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